Manish Pandey comes as Impact Player for Angkrish Raghuvanshi and scores an important 42 runs for KKR.

In the 51st IPL match of the 2024 season, the clash between the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and the Mumbai Indians unfolded with a captivating display of resilience and determination, epitomized by the impactful return of Manish Pandey to the KKR lineup. Making his first appearance of the IPL 2024 season, Pandey’s presence as an Impact Player proved to be instrumental in KKR’s bid to set a competitive total against the formidable Mumbai Indians. Let’s delve into the key moments of Pandey’s performance and analyze its significance in the context of the match.

A Timely Arrival:

Manish Pandey’s entry into the playing XI came at a crucial juncture for KKR, as they found themselves reeling at five wickets down within the powerplay overs. With the top order failing to provide stability, Pandey’s inclusion injected much-needed experience and composure into the middle order, offering a glimmer of hope for KKR’s innings.

Impactful Contribution:

Pandey wasted no time in making his presence felt, displaying his class and batting prowess from the moment he stepped onto the crease. His composed innings of 42 runs off 31 balls, featuring two fours and two sixes, not only steadied KKR’s innings but also provided the impetus needed to rebuild their innings after the early setbacks. Pandey’s ability to rotate the strike and find the boundaries effectively alleviated the pressure on KKR’s batting lineup and set the stage for a substantial partnership.

Manish Pandey & Venkatesh Iyer scored 83 runs for the 6th wicket in just 62 balls.

Crucial Partnership with Venkatesh Iyer:

One of the defining moments of Pandey’s innings was his impressive partnership with Venkatesh Iyer for the sixth wicket. The duo combined forces to form a formidable alliance, stitching together a crucial partnership of 83 runs in just 62 balls. Pandey’s collaboration with Iyer not only rescued KKR from a precarious position but also propelled them to a competitive total against the Mumbai Indians’ bowling attack.

Setting a Competitive Total:

Pandey’s contribution proved to be pivotal in KKR’s quest to set a competitive total against Mumbai. His composed yet aggressive batting approach helped KKR reach a respectable score of 169 runs, providing their bowlers with a platform to defend and challenge the Mumbai Indians in the second innings.


Manish Pandey’s impactful return to the KKR lineup served as a testament to his resilience and ability to deliver under pressure. His timely innings not only bolstered KKR’s batting effort but also showcased his value as a seasoned campaigner in the IPL. As the match progresses, Pandey’s performance will be remembered as a crucial turning point in KKR’s bid for victory against the Mumbai Indians.

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