IPL 2024: Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Top Six Run-Scorers and Their Impact

The IPL 2024 season has been a rollercoaster for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), with their top-order batsmen delivering spectacular performances. Leading from the front, RCB’s batting line-up has consistently posted formidable totals and chased down challenging targets. Here’s a closer look at the top six run-scorers for RCB this season and how they’ve contributed to the team’s success.

1. Virat Kohli

  • Matches: 14 | Innings: 14 | Runs: 708 | Average: 64.36 | Strike Rate: 155.60 | 100s: 1 | 50s: 5
  • Impact: Virat Kohli has been in sensational form this season, anchoring the innings and playing pivotal roles in almost every match. His ability to adapt to different match situations has been a cornerstone of RCB’s batting strategy. Kohli’s century and five fifties underline his consistency and class, making him the leading run-scorer of the season.

2. Faf du Plessis

  • Matches: 14 | Innings: 14 | Runs: 421 | Average: 30.07 | Strike Rate: 163.81 | 100s: 0 | 50s: 4
  • Impact: Faf du Plessis has provided the perfect opening partner for Kohli, complementing him with his aggressive style. His quick runs at the top of the order have often given RCB the momentum needed to dominate the powerplay. Despite not having a century, his four half-centuries have been crucial in setting up or chasing down big totals.

3. Rajat Patidar

  • Matches: 14 | Innings: 12 | Runs: 361 | Average: 30.08 | Strike Rate: 179.60 | 100s: 0 | 50s: 5
  • Impact: Rajat Patidar’s role in the middle order has been vital for RCB. His aggressive batting and ability to accelerate the scoring rate have helped RCB maintain pressure on the opposition. Patidar’s five fifties demonstrate his knack for converting starts into substantial contributions, providing stability and firepower in the middle overs.

4. Dinesh Karthik

  • Matches: 14 | Innings: 12 | Runs: 315 | Average: 39.38 | Strike Rate: 195.65 | 100s: 0 | 50s: 2
  • Impact: Dinesh Karthik has been exceptional as a finisher for RCB. His ability to score quickly in the death overs has been a game-changer, turning matches in RCB’s favor. Karthik’s high strike rate and average reflect his effectiveness and consistency in closing out innings with powerful hitting.

5. Will Jacks

  • Matches: 8 | Innings: 8 | Runs: 230 | Average: 32.86 | Strike Rate: 175.57 | 100s: 1 | 50s: 1
  • Impact: Despite playing only eight matches, Will Jacks has made a significant impact with his batting. His century and quick-fire runs have provided RCB with valuable contributions in the middle order. Jacks’ high strike rate indicates his aggressive approach, which has added depth to RCB’s batting line-up.

6. Cameron Green

  • Matches: 12 | Innings: 11 | Runs: 228 | Average: 32.57 | Strike Rate: 145.22 | 100s: 0 | 50s: 0
  • Impact: Cameron Green’s all-round abilities have been a bonus for RCB. While his primary role is with the ball, his contributions with the bat have provided RCB with crucial runs. His ability to stabilize the innings and accelerate when needed has made him a valuable asset in the lower middle order.


RCB’s batting line-up has been a blend of experience and youthful exuberance, with each player contributing significantly to the team’s performance. Virat Kohli’s leadership and consistent run-scoring, along with impactful performances from du Plessis, Patidar, Karthik, Jacks, and Green, have made RCB a formidable batting unit. As the tournament progresses, the team will look to maintain this momentum and aim for their maiden IPL title.

IPL 2024: Analyzing Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Top Bowlers

The IPL 2024 season has seen Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) not only rely on their powerful batting line-up but also on a diverse and dynamic bowling attack. While their batsmen have put up big scores, it’s been the bowlers who have provided the crucial breakthroughs and controlled the game’s tempo. Here’s a look at RCB’s top bowlers this season and their contributions to the team’s success.

1. Yash Dayal

  • Matches: 13 | Innings: 13 | Overs: 47.1 | Runs: 422 | Wickets: 15 | Best Bowling: 3/20 | Average: 28.13 | Economy: 8.94 | Strike Rate: 18.86
  • Impact: Yash Dayal has been a consistent performer for RCB, leading the wicket-taking charts for his team. His ability to bowl tight lines and pick up crucial wickets has been vital. Though his economy rate is on the higher side, his knack for striking at regular intervals has provided RCB with much-needed breakthroughs.

2. Mohammed Siraj

  • Matches: 13 | Innings: 13 | Overs: 50.0 | Runs: 463 | Wickets: 13 | Best Bowling: 3/43 | Average: 35.61 | Economy: 9.26 | Strike Rate: 23.07
  • Impact: Mohammed Siraj, known for his fiery pace and aggression, has been crucial in providing early breakthroughs and controlling the death overs. Despite a slightly higher average and economy rate, Siraj’s ability to intimidate batsmen and deliver under pressure has been invaluable for RCB.

3. Cameron Green

  • Matches: 12 | Innings: 12 | Overs: 31.1 | Runs: 275 | Wickets: 9 | Best Bowling: 2/12 | Average: 30.55 | Economy: 8.82 | Strike Rate: 20.77
  • Impact: Cameron Green’s role as an all-rounder has been significant. With his ability to contribute with both bat and ball, Green has provided RCB with crucial overs in the middle and death stages of the innings. His economical bowling and timely wickets have added depth to RCB’s bowling attack.

4. Lockie Ferguson

  • Matches: 6 | Innings: 6 | Overs: 20.0 | Runs: 218 | Wickets: 8 | Best Bowling: 2/23 | Average: 27.25 | Economy: 10.90 | Strike Rate: 15.00
  • Impact: Despite playing only six matches, Lockie Ferguson has made a significant impact with his express pace. His ability to bowl at over 140 km/h and deliver crucial wickets has been a game-changer. Ferguson’s strike rate highlights his knack for breaking partnerships, even though his economy rate remains a concern.

5. Glenn Maxwell

  • Matches: 9 | Innings: 6 | Overs: 16.0 | Runs: 129 | Wickets: 6 | Best Bowling: 2/23 | Average: 21.50 | Economy: 8.06 | Strike Rate: 16.00
  • Impact: Glenn Maxwell’s off-spin has been a valuable addition to RCB’s bowling attack, particularly in providing breakthroughs in the middle overs. His economical spells and ability to pick up key wickets have added versatility to the bowling unit, allowing RCB to apply pressure from both ends.

6. Swapnil Singh

  • Matches: 6 | Innings: 6 | Overs: 13.0 | Runs: 114 | Wickets: 6 | Best Bowling: 2/28 | Average: 19.00 | Economy: 8.76 | Strike Rate: 13.00
  • Impact: Swapnil Singh has been impressive in his limited opportunities. His ability to bowl tight spells and pick up wickets at crucial moments has provided RCB with another spin option. His low average and strike rate demonstrate his effectiveness in the middle overs.

7. Karn Sharma

  • Matches: 8 | Innings: 8 | Overs: 22.0 | Runs: 235 | Wickets: 6 | Best Bowling: 2/29 | Average: 39.16 | Economy: 10.68 | Strike Rate: 22.00
  • Impact: Karn Sharma’s leg-spin has been a mixed bag for RCB this season. While he has picked up wickets, his economy rate suggests he has been expensive at times. However, his experience and ability to deliver crucial breakthroughs have still made him a valuable asset.


RCB’s bowling attack, led by Yash Dayal and Mohammed Siraj, has played a crucial role in their campaign this season. The blend of pace and spin, along with the contributions from all-rounders like Cameron Green and Glenn Maxwell, has provided RCB with a well-rounded bowling unit. As they move into the crucial stages of the tournament, the form and performance of these bowlers will be key to their success.

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