Abhishek Sharma has been a notable presence in this season’s away matches, demonstrating both potential and consistency under pressure. Analyzing his performance offers valuable insights into his batting prowess and areas for potential improvement. Let’s delve into the numbers and their implications.

Abhishek Sharma scored in Total Matches:

Matches: 14 | Innings: 14 | Runs: 470 | Average: 36.15 | Strike Rate: 209.41 | 100s: 0 | 50s: 3

Away Matches:

Matches: 8 | Innings: 8 | Runs: 186 | Average: 23.25 | Strike Rate: 164.61 | 100s: 0 | 50s: 0

Innings Breakdown

Across 8 innings in away matches, Abhishek has amassed 186 runs. This total, while not the highest among his peers, reflects a steady contribution to his team’s efforts on foreign pitches. His highest score of 46 showcases his ability to anchor the innings, even though he hasn’t yet converted these starts into bigger scores.

Batting Average

With an average of 23.25, Abhishek’s performance is a mixed bag. On one hand, this figure indicates a decent level of consistency; on the other hand, it highlights the need for improvement in converting starts into substantial scores. For a player of his caliber, pushing the average closer to 30 would be a realistic and beneficial target.

Strike Rate

One of the standout aspects of Abhishek’s performance is his strike rate of 164.6. This impressive figure underscores his ability to score quickly and dominate the bowlers. In the fast-paced world of modern cricket, a high strike rate is invaluable, often tipping the balance in tight matches. Abhishek’s strike rate suggests he is particularly adept at capitalizing on scoring opportunities and maintaining pressure on the opposition.

High Score and Consistency

Abhishek’s highest score of 46 is a clear indication of his ability to play impactful innings. However, the lack of a half-century or more significant scores might be an area of concern. It hints at the possibility that while Abhishek can start well, there is room for improvement in terms of building and converting those starts into match-winning performances.

Contextual Performance

Away matches often present unique challenges: unfamiliar pitches, hostile crowds, and different climatic conditions. Abhishek’s ability to maintain a high strike rate and a respectable average in such conditions is commendable. His adaptability and mental toughness are evident in these statistics, suggesting that he possesses the qualities required to excel in diverse environments.

Future Prospects

For Abhishek Sharma, the journey ahead is promising. Enhancing his average and consistently scoring big runs will be key to establishing himself as a formidable batsman. Working on shot selection and perhaps adopting a more cautious approach at the beginning of his innings might help in converting those starts into substantial scores.


Abhishek Sharma’s performance in away matches this season is a testament to his potential and skill. While his statistics reflect both strengths and areas for improvement, his high strike rate and consistent starts are positive signs. As he continues to develop and refine his game, there is no doubt that Abhishek Sharma will be a crucial asset for his team in the seasons to come.

By focusing on converting his promising starts into match-winning innings, Abhishek can elevate his game to new heights, ensuring that his contributions significantly impact his team’s success on the road.

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