Axar Patel gets out on 20 runs, excellent bowling by Naseem Shah

In a crucial moment of the match, Pakistan’s Naseem Shah delivered a key breakthrough by dismissing India’s Axar Patel. The wicket, which came as a result of a poorly executed shot by Axar, further weakened India’s position in the game, underscoring the pressure being exerted by the Pakistani bowlers.

Over 7.4: Axar’s Dismissal

Axar Patel, who had been looking to steady the Indian innings after early setbacks, was dismissed for 20 off 18 balls. The dismissal came from a length delivery on middle stump by Naseem Shah. Axar, in an attempt to accelerate the scoring, charged down the track and attempted an ambitious swipe across the line. However, the ball eluded his bat and crashed into the stumps, leaving India at 49 for 3.

Pakistan’s Bowling Prowess

Naseem Shah’s delivery was perfectly pitched, targeting the middle stump and exploiting Axar’s aggressive intent. Shah, who had already impressed with his earlier wicket of Virat Kohli, continued to bowl with precision and pace. His ability to maintain pressure and capitalize on batsmen’s mistakes has been pivotal for Pakistan in this match.

Axar Patel’s Inning: A Brief Resistance

Axar Patel’s 20-run contribution included 2 fours and 1 six, providing a brief period of resistance for India. However, his dismissal reflected the mounting pressure on the Indian batsmen to keep the scoreboard ticking. Axar’s aggressive approach, while commendable in parts, ultimately led to his downfall against a disciplined Pakistani attack.

The State of Play

With India losing their third wicket, the team finds itself in a precarious position. The early dismissals of key players like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma had already put India on the back foot. Axar’s wicket only compounds the challenge for the remaining batsmen. Rishabh Pant, who has been riding his luck with two dropped catches, and the incoming batsmen now face the daunting task of rebuilding the innings.

Key Moments Leading Up to the Wicket

  • Early Setbacks: India’s innings started shakily, with the early dismissals of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, reducing them to 20 for 2 within the first three overs.
  • Pant’s Lifelines: Rishabh Pant survived two near-dismissals in quick succession, adding tension to the Indian innings but also demonstrating the high-pressure environment created by the Pakistani bowlers.

What’s Next for India?

With the loss of Axar Patel, India needs to reassess their strategy. The onus now falls on the remaining batsmen to build partnerships and guide the team to a respectable total. Rishabh Pant, still at the crease, holds the key. His aggressive style can turn the tide, but he must balance aggression with caution to avoid further collapses.

Pakistan’s Advantage

Pakistan, with their sharp fielding and disciplined bowling, has maintained the upper hand. Naseem Shah’s impactful spell has been crucial, and Pakistan will look to continue this pressure. Their strategy of exploiting early conditions and maintaining tight lines has paid off, and they will aim to capitalize on this momentum.


Naseem Shah’s dismissal of Axar Patel marks another significant moment in this high-stakes match. As India grapples with their early losses, the game remains open and exciting, promising more twists and turns. Cricket fans are in for a thrilling contest as both teams strive to gain the upper hand in this crucial encounter.

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