Bowlers often find themselves under immense pressure to deliver amidst the onslaught of power-hitting batsmen. While many bowlers have risen to the occasion with exceptional performances, there have been instances where they’ve faced the brunt of merciless batting assaults, resulting in some of the most expensive bowling performance in IPL history. Let’s delve into these unforgettable spells, where the bowlers endured a trial by fire on the cricketing battlefield.

1. Mohit Sharma vs. Delhi Capitals – 0/73 (2024)

In a clash against Delhi Capitals during the 2024 season, Mohit Sharma found himself at the receiving end of a relentless onslaught by the opposition batsmen. Despite his best efforts, Sharma conceded a whopping 73 runs without taking a wicket, marking one of the most expensive spells in IPL history.

2. Basil Thampi vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 0/70 (2018)

Back in 2018, Basil Thampi endured a torrid time against Royal Challengers Bangalore, as he struggled to contain the onslaught of their batting lineup. Despite his efforts, Thampi ended up conceding 70 runs without managing to scalp a wicket, etching his name in the annals of IPL’s expensive bowling spells.

3. Yash Dayal vs. Kolkata Knight Riders – 0/69 (2023)

In a faceoff against Kolkata Knight Riders in 2023, Yash Dayal found the going tough as he bore the brunt of the opposition’s batting firepower. Despite his perseverance, Dayal ended up conceding 69 runs without making a breakthrough, registering one of the costliest spells in IPL history.

4. Reece Topley vs. Sunrisers Hyderabad – 1/68 (2024)

During the 2024 season, Reece Topley faced a formidable challenge against Sunrisers Hyderabad, where he struggled to contain the onslaught of their batting lineup. Despite managing to pick up a solitary wicket, Topley conceded 68 runs, making it one of the most expensive spells in IPL history.

5. Luke Wood vs. Delhi Capitals – 1/68 (2024)

In the same season, Luke Wood found himself on the wrong side of history as he battled against Delhi Capitals’ formidable batting lineup. Despite managing to claim a wicket, Wood conceded 68 runs, joining the ranks of bowlers who endured expensive spells in the IPL.

Out five, Three most expensive spells are from this year i.e 2024. Already 25 times 200 plus runs scored this year. Another 30 plus matches left to play.

These instances serve as a reminder of the unforgiving nature of T20 cricket, where bowlers often face daunting challenges against power-hitting batsmen in high-pressure situations. While these spells may have been forgettable for the bowlers involved, they serve as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence and the thrilling unpredictability that defines the IPL. As the tournament continues to enthrall fans around the globe, we eagerly await more moments of brilliance and drama on the cricketing stage.

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